Towards achieving the goal of the Cogno Web Observatory, we have developed the following applications:


The web needs to be observed and studied to understand various impacts of it on the society (both positive and negative) and shape the future of the web and the society. This gave rise to the global grid of Web Observatories which focus and observe various aspects of the web. Web Observatories aim to share and collaborate various data sets, analysis tools and applications with all web observatories across the world.

With this objective of understanding the dynamics of online social cognition, we design and develop a web observatory called Cogno. Cogno aims to model the unfolding behavior of discourses on social media and observe and understand the various components that form the discourse.

The Cogno portal is built to observe various trending topics on twitter and understand the narratives that drive these trending discourses.


Mithya is a real-time web application as a part of Web Observatory called Cogno at Web Science Lab, IIIT-B with an aim to understand the Online Social Cognition. The tool called Mithya implements an algorithm to identify “opinion drivers” on social media. Although the tool is developed for Twitter, the algorithm itself is generic and can be applied to any trending topic on any social media platform. Opinion drivers for a topic are the set of users who have an intention to drive the topic in a particular direction. For a given topic on Twitter, the tool identifies opinion drivers of the topic.


MITHYA Tutorial