About Us

Cogno Web Observatory:

Cogno Web Observatory is an initiative by the Web Science Research Group (WSRG), IIIT – Bangalore. WSRG is part of the international Web Science Network (WSTNet) which is focused on bringing together all the globally leading web science researchers. Cogno aligns to the objective of global grid web observatories, to share and exchange tools, data and experience of web science research with other web observatories.


Cogno aims to study and understand the macro impacts of the web on Social Cognition of the society. Build models and tools to characterize the formation of social cognition on social media. Develop framework to characterize the dynamics of social discourse on social media. Our ambition is to help various stakeholders of the web make informed choices by providing them tools to understand the big picture of various phenomenon on the web, especially on social media.

Core Functionalities:

Cogno web observatory provides three services:
1. Tools
We provide 2 online application based on the research happening at WSRG, IIITB. Both tools focus on understanding various phenomena on social media. Mithya is a tool to identify opinion drivers on social media. Cogno is a tool to understand and analyze the social discourse on social media.

2. APIs
Multiple models proposed and published by the WSRG is archived. Cogno provides various APIs for the public and other web observatories, through which they can access the results of the analysis.

3. Datasets
Various datasets that are used for research at WSRG are made available for the public through the Cogno Web Observatory.

Cogno Web Observatory is supported by the Machine Intelligence And Robotics Center(MINRO), IIIT – Bangalore.



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